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Middlenight Live Q&A – Another Sleepless Night
August 29, 2016
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August 31, 2016

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Preparations are in full swing to hold the 2016 edition of the biggest bodybuilding show on the planet. The athletes are fine-tuning, chiselling their physiques and preparing for the biggest day of their year, and potentially, for some of them, the biggest day in their lives. For the top bodybuilders on the planet it’s time to show the world what they’ve got, what they’ve been working on since the last competition, how their bodies have developed and matured since last year. It’s time to stand on that prestigious Mr. Olympia stage and unveil a masterpiece for all to see.

Professional bodybuilding’s unlike any other sport in the world. It’s about 24 hour a day dedication; everything you do could have an impact on your muscles and how you look on stage. It’s a gruelling sport that can be very lonely, a sport that very view gain success in. Even those non-bodybuilding fans have heard of the biggest names in the industry; the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger – needs no introduction, The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno, some may even have heard of Ronnie Coleman; they’ve all graced the Mr. Olympia stage at one time or other and have gone on to have very successful careers in bodybuilding and post-bodybuilding. But who’s sitting at the top today, who are the others looking to knock off the pedestal? It’s all about Phil Heath, as it has been for the last five years. “The Gift” has dominated the industry and many are placing their bets on him to reign supreme for another year and pick up another Mr. Olympia title.

Are there any real challengers? Well don’t hand Phil the title just yet. After Jay Cutler got injured what seems like yonks ago, Phil’s only real challenger has been the enigmatic figure of Kai Greene. He’s been biting at Phil’s heels for a while now and many are tipping him to bring his best package ever on stage in a couple of weeks’ time and emerge victorious for the first time in his career. Kai will also be hungry to bounce back after his Mr. Olympia 2015 ended in a shambles – he wasn’t even allowed to compete due to issues behind the scenes.

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