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September 5, 2016
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September 8, 2016
Auction for Cancer


Auction for Cancer Support

Help Fight Cancer!


Alright guys. I want to do this last Auction before Mr. Olympia right – Auction.LevroneReport.com, so I’m mixing a bit in on it. Half of all of the proceeds from the auction will be sent to a charity. This charity will be one for Childhood Cancer.

I’m looking to all of you to help me raise some money to support a charity actively battling cancer, while promoting Childhood Cancer Awareness. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month after all.

Why Childhood Cancer?

I have had a long history with cancer affecting those in my life, and as such, it is a personal commitment of mine to actively support those that are fighting cancer. I can’t go out and research cancer treatment – that wasn’t the skillset god gifted me with. But, I can use what god did give me – strong moral guidance, a drive for the gym and the stage, and the best fans on Earth!

Additionally, I think cancer at all ages is a battle that needs fought, unfortunately we have to pick our battles and if I’m going to pick any – I’m going to pick one that is going to give the Kids – the youth of our world – the best chance to live long, healthy and prosperous lives.



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