Get in front of a dedicated following of bodybuilding enthusiasts and attach your brand to one of the hottest names in the bodybuilding industry. With 10s of thousands of daily visitors and a social following nearing a million, Kevin Levrone online properties are just the spot for your brand.
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Advertising Opportunities:

Standard Ads:

Sizes: 728 x 90, 300 x 250, 160 x 600

Front Page: $6 CPM

Road to Olympia: $4 CPM

Run of Site: $3 CPM

*Minimum order of 25,000 impressions is required.

Premium Ads:

Premium ads come in the form of a Home Page Takeover, Sliding Billboard, Post-It Note, and Wallpaper. Each ad is clickable and holds premium placement. Premium ads are daily exclusive ad placements, meaning no other advertiser can have a premium ad the same day you do.

Home Page Premium Ads: $500/day

Inside Pages Premium Ads: $200-$300/day

*Maximum 3 days in a row for any premium ad.

Audience Extension:

Further promote your brand’s image by staying in front of a dedicated and global fitness audience by targeting those from while they are on-network. Our international reach can be tailored to your local area.

Display Ads: $6 CPM

  • With Geo-Targets: $10 CPM (delivery dependent on inventory)

Rich Media Ads: $10 CPM

Video Ads: $15 CPM

*Audience extension minimum budget is $400 per month for display ads and $600 month for everything else.

Appearances and Personal Promotions By Kevin:

Contact us directly to engage in discussion for appearances or personal promotions by Kevin Levrone.