Double A Cutting Transformation

Andy’s Transformation • Final Phone Call

Take a look at those pictures, the before and after below. Andy’s AFTER picture is a great physique by any standards, and considering Andy’s over 40, it’s just fantastic. The loss of fat from week one is incredible, and he’s set to get even more ripped over the coming weeks! For details on Andy’s transformation and how he did it, visit his forum page.

You can have these results, too. You don’t need permission. You don’t need drugs, fat burners or gimmicks. All you need is knowledge, vision and motivation.

That’s the power of TLR. It’s about people like you coming online to figure out how to really improve in a simple, powerful way. The power of having a team, and a stage, is the greatest natural steroid on earth. So come get what’s yours.

Those of you who have discovered TLR and contribute to it daily, let’s make sure to enjoy it, preserve it and defend it, because we ARE making a difference.

Take a look again below at Andy. Think about what YOU want to improve in your life, and know that YOU WILL SUCCEED if you put yourself out there. Get your pictures up. Make the connection. Set a goal. You got this!

Thanks Andy for a CHAMPION transformation. TLR is only great because of people like you, who bring tremendous character and drive to the site. We are all proud and inspired by your actions and results.

Peace, Kevin



Double A Transformation • Checking in on Andy, Week 5.

Andy has risen to the occasion. After 5 weeks of work, discipline and determination Andy has come a long way. Take a look at the video below, describing our last phone call, and the amazing transformation pictures. We still have a little ways to go, as Andy ramps up his morning cardio to lose that last 5 or 6 pounds.

No tricks, no gimmicks, no easy way out. Just good solid eating and training habits day in and day out. Andy has been here for over a year, and yet the past five weeks have been the most transformative.

What was different? Perhaps a REASON to succeed that went beyond the self. A challenge to live up to. A community to inspire. An opportunity to maximize.

When you compete like Antwaun, or like I did, reasons to stay dedicated are ever-present and self-fulfilling.

But even if you don’t compete, the same feelings can hold true. The more you sacrifice for your physique, the more you invest in it, the more committed you become. The more power you feel in shaping your physique, the more you look forward to using that power.

Andy is now in the zone, he’s well on his way to his destiny and sky’s the limit. Even those who train regularly must ask themselves, “am I babying myself?” Andy has shown that your potential can explode into the present if and when you’re ready to STEP UP.

When I came back from China, I had a strong feeling that I need to express the teacher in me. Andy has been a model student, a soldier, a champion. And this is just the beginning. The next person to be chosen for the next challenge could be anyone. It could be YOU. Failure will not be an option.



Double A Transformation • Andy Phone Call #4

The change we’re witnessing in Andy week to week is noticeable, just like the change I experienced during my first transformation on this site.

You can see the fat melting off, the taper, the v-shape and the lack of belly fat. Andy is doing this QUICKLY, without losing muscle mass, without resorting to drugs.

Andy’s proving it can be done. We don’t have to wait long months or years to change our bodies. We can be quick and efficient without compromising safety or resorting to drugs. We are not a culture of excuses and double-talk. TLR is a culture of action and results, and Andy embodies this imperative.

We’re not done. Andy still has work to do. And when this transformation is complete, a new one for Andy begins – one that will be self-motivated, without my direct guidance. Will he succeed? I’d bet on it.

For Andy, his family and his sense of life as a man on this planet – a man who ripples with strength, is light on his feet and bursting with energy, even into his forties – victory is the only choice.

He will use his improved fitness, strength and self-control to have a positive effect on others, to carry out his values with more energy and confidence. That is the way…of the champion. May we all summon the mettle, the tenacity, the vision that we all have inside us, and follow Andy’s example, starting TODAY.

Your friend,

Kevin Levrone, IFBB Pro Hall Of Fame


Interview W/Antwaun Smith • The Unfair 5th Place @ Musclemania 2010

Here’s my followup interview with Antwaun, and it’s clear that this decision is shaping him in a profound way. My interpretation is this situation is making him want steroids more than ever. Listen for yourself below.

In person, Antwaun was a clear standout. All the more impressive that he played by the rules. I can’t speak for the others. I’ve seen a lot of shows, and I don’t say this lightly: justice was not served in my opinion.

I was the first to admit that Antwaun didn’t deserve the China win. But this weekend in Las Vegas, his conditioning, vascularity and detail was well above the competition from where I was standing. The crowd agreed.

We can speculate all we want. In these moments it’s tempting to point the finger, to talk about politics, cheating, etc. But that’s not the way of the champion – accusations change nothing, they only create division, hostility and excuses.

How can we fight back, on stage AND IN LIFE, when we know that no matter how hard we push, something or someone will slap us down, fair or not.

How can we keep our values, our pride and our hope for a better future, in spite of the unfair playing field of life? Together, as brothers, we face these tough moral dilemmas.

There are no easy answers. But easy answers often have little to do…with the way of the champion.


Double A Transformation • Antwaun’s Show, 2010 Musclemania in Las Vegas

TLR hit the road to Las Vegas this past weekend to accompany Antwaun for his contest in Las Vegas. Antwaun came in at a lean, ripped and 100% natural 195 after weeks of hard work. The past week Antwaun did everything he was instructed and prepared with the focus and resolve of a champion.

The result was clear when he stepped on stage. Antwaun had the superior physique, hands down. He’s a first place winner in my book and I’m very proud of him. But as it happens sometimes in this sport, the first place winner doesn’t always win. And that’s when the real test begins. The mental test that all champions face at one time or another.

Check out the video and judge for yourself. Let’s give a shout out to Flex Wheeler – after the show Antwaun was trying to sort it all out, and Flex – one of the sport’s all-time greats – helped my nephew put it into perspective.

Going forward it will be up to Antwaun to pick up the pieces and make sense of this outcome, an unfair loss in my opinion. Picking up broken pieces in life is the way of the champion, but when it happens to you, words don’t heal wounds. Only time and strength can heal this kind of wound.

I’m grateful and proud to have been in Antwaun’s corner this past weekend, and we should all be glad he was willing to share his journey with us on

His training has been grueling and he worked full shifts throughout, TEACHING US ALL A VALUABLE LESSON OF WHAT’S POSSIBLE IN LIFE. Antwaun is a champion, like so many others who live the iron life. Please show him your support below.



4 complete, uncut scenes available on YouTube:


Antwaun Smith – morning before the night of the show.

Double A Transformation • Andy Phone Call #3

Here’s what’s up with Andy and the training program going into week three. We cover every muscle group, cardio and nutrition. Listen close and see if you can emulate the things I’m sharing with Andy, or let me know where you differ.

Andy is not disappointing us, he’s keeping pace every step of the way, both with his nutrition and his training. I’m not surprised. After over a year of dedication, discipline and growth proven on our forum, I knew Andy would carry himself like a champion. You can get the details of Andy’s daily battle and lend your support here.

Let’s see if Andy (and you) can keep up over the coming weeks where things start to get a little more tricky. Can’t wait to see the results, not just of Andy and Antwaun, but anyone else following this journey.


Peace, Kevin

After Week One:

After Week Two:

Double A Transformation • Antwaun Phone Call #3

More info for Antwaun as the countdown to his show continues. Antwaun is working hard 12-hour days in addition to dieting and training, and it just shows how far you can go when you want it bad enough.

His daily involvement on TLR may not have been all we hoped for but he’s out their fighting every day with the community firmly in mind. Check out this video for info which might come in handy for you some day. More on Andy is up next.

Be sure to check out my appearance on yesterday’s episode of MD Radio with Shawn Ray. Other guests include Victor Martinez, JM Manion and Chris Bell.


Antwaun’s current pic.

Double A Transformation • Antwaun Phone Call #2

Checking in with Antwaun. He’s a pro and he’s going to march to the beat of his own drum. That’s fine to a degree, but for this program I really want to be in control and I told him so.

Antwaun has some “interesting” ideas about carbs, no carbs, etc., and like so many amateurs and pros alike, he might be getting into a panic mode, taking extreme measures and making some key mistakes eleven days out from the show.

I have nothing but love and respect for Antwaun, but it’s my job to question his actions and come down hard if I have to. I gave it to him straight and I think from here on out he’s going to follow my lead on this. He promised to post some pics tonight so keep an eye out on the forum.

Big shout out to Andy as well, he’s out there fighting every day, showing the discipline of a champion. The Double A in the house! No telling where it’s going to wind up, but one thing’s for sure, we will all learn something and gain EXPERIENCE from this journey.


Double A Transformation • Andy Phone Call #2

Touching base with Andy on nutrition. See if you can apply this to your own cutting transformation. What I’m doing with Andy is not all that different than what I’d be doing with you if I was designing your nutritional program.

The main difference is what Andy is bringing to the table. Do you have his discipline, determination and dedication? Do you want to get a little more cut leading up to Thanksgiving, so you can show up lean and send a positive message to family and friends?

If so, don’t sit on the sidelines. This is your chance to follow along and make a difference. Because in reality, this is a Triple transformation. The first two A’s stand for Antwaun and Andy. But the third invisible letter is your first initial. Don’t try to pretend it’s not there, because you and I know the truth. Get busy, bro!


Andy after one week, reduced love handles already! Keep it up, you’re inspiring all of us. –Kevin

Double A Cutting Transformation • Phone Call W/Antwaun #1

Next up, Mr. Universe (and my nephew), Antwaun Smith. Antwaun is a pro so we’re going to start off a little more extreme. But keep in mind that for week one we’re still feeling our way around.

I have bulleted out the main points, and I will have more nutritional details up later this week. But at this point I’m more concerned about the main points – not the details. For both Andy and Antwaun, things are going to get continually challenging over the next few weeks.

There is no sense in loading up with every possible cutting technique right out the gates. We’re easing into it. If Andy and Antwaun (and you) can just integrate the basic nutritional and cardio restrictions and requirements for week one, that’s PLENTY, and we’ll be ready to step it up on week two.

These are small but important steps. When it comes to small steps, nail them, don’t fail them!



Week One

• Stay at 2,600 calories per day

• Mix in some zero carb days with low carb days

• Main protein source, fish (research the mercury levels, be safe)

• Pre- and post-workout supplementation

• Cardio twice a day

• At least a gallon of water a day

BEFORE photos:

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