Here’s something we never talked about on TLR. New techniques to isolate that glute/hamstring tie-in. If you’ve been ignoring this important component to having a complete physique, now’s your chance to develop in this area.

Once again we have Todd Swinney in the house. We’re seeing a lot of Todd lately because he’s a long-time friend and he’s back in MD. We’re very lucky to benefit from his experience and perspective on some new things we haven’t touched upon yet in this blog.

4th of July is tomorrow (American Independence Day) and then it’s back in the gym to keep this transformation going. I’m trying to get down to 5% body fat by adding muscle and losing fat. I’m currently at 8.6% for those of you who haven’t been keeping up.

4th of July is about taking back your freedom. It’s about fighting the powers that be. Sometimes those powers can be your own complacency, your own lack of vision, your own negative attitude. Sometimes you can be oppressed by layers of fat and too many days without working out.

If you’re celebrating this weekend, try to realize that each explosion of fireworks is about fighting the impossible fight and winning. “The bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there.”

Never stop believing that your flag is still there. At any age, after any injury, after any setback, your flag is still there. Todd knows it. I know it. And the community at TLR knows it. There is always hope. We will fight bravely, together, and win our independence from oppressive mediocrity.




Thanks to Raul Cruz for editing this video.