Thanks for stepping up and giving Levrone Formula a try. I look forward to you getting your hands on it.

Next up is an athletic transformation. We’re going to MOVE and achieve some new athletic heights, and continue to refine our physiques as well. I’ll have more details about that tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back in the gym with you to continue the endless transformation.

The support and friendship has been overwhelming. Your interest in the formula has not gone unnoticed. Thanks for stepping up on day one and selling out Full Blown Berry in two days time.

I’m simply trying to put something uncommonly clean and powerful out there that gives you a superior option. I’m just trying to get your back, and your willingness to step up and try it first shows that you got my back, too. If you ordered the Formula, trust me, you will not be disappointed, just wait. ;)

Okay, now let’s move on…back to basics, baby. Bangin’ it out, Levrone-style, all summer long. Let’s do this.