405 lbs – that’s what’s up. Eight plates up on the bar, tells me we’re making real progress.

It’s not the weight, but the journey that unites us. Pick a personal goal and smash through it, use the spirit of this quest to fuel your fire.

Michael R is going for 400 lbs. Rich Aponte is going for 315 lbs. Andrew has a 250 lb squat challenge going on. That’s what this is about. I read everyone’s comments and I’m right there with you.

The solidarity follows me wherever I go – that little voice in my head that says I’m part of something. Whether you’re at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach or some basement in Australia, I know you feel it, too. As a result, we’re focusing and training on a higher level.

Today was new territory. I didn’t know what would happen under eight plates. I forced myself to believe, visualize and focus, and I made it happen. WE made it happen.

No turning back now, let’s keep it going. Full blown, hardcore, freaky VISUALIZATION and focus. Let’s end ’09 with tremendous gains so we can EXPLODE into the next journey, wherever it takes us.

– Kevin


There are great things happening in the forum, too. Transformations, conversations, art, truth, support, brotherhood. Here’s just one example of many great contributions: a poem by CabCutta.