2014 Summer Transformation – Old School (week 4)

We are rapidly approaching the days where the technology will be commonly available to image a competitor’s body on show day and reduce it to a rendering of equations. Chest to waist ratio, arms to legs ratio, shoulder to lat ratio, neck to trap ratio and so on and so forth. This would theoretically provide one with a “perfect” proportioned and developed geometric being that would be tantamount to a God-like “10″ all competitors should strive to achieve.
KL Summer Transformation week 4
What more can be done once perfection is defined? Winning and losing would be scientific. Fortunately, our sport will never be captured in such a manner, despite our sport containing a wealth of geometric forms and shapes. There has never been and there never will be a perfect bicep, tricep or trapezoid, for that is the day imagination and art would die.

Summer Transformation Week 3 Update

Week 3 of summer transformation.
Kevin levrone 2014 summer transformation

This is the meal plan from FUEL UP:

1 Turkey Chili, 1 ground turkey, brown rice and spinach, 1 chicken and mixed veggies, 1 chicken Italiano, 1 chicken stir fry

1 chicken and asparagus, 1 chicken, sweet potato, spinach, 1 angus steak and spinach, 1 turkey chili, 1 steak stir fry

This is a family day for me so I come off the diet.

This is the FUEL UP meal plan with the calorie info:
KL Fuel Diet Plan

Moving forward, I challenge each and everyone of you to get in the best shape of your life for this year’s summer transformation.

See you at the finish line.

Week 2 of summer transformation. We started on the second week implementing 3 workouts per week:

Monday: Chest
Wednesday: Back
Friday: Legs

Remember we’re still doing the 45 minutes of cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. My weight is 230 lb this week.


Levrone Report Update • Week 1 – Summer Transformation

Guys and girls who are looking to lose body fat or firm up. The most important thing before starting a body transformation is to go have a complete physical to make sure your healthy. Follow along at your own risk. This is a 10 week body transformation that I’m doing.

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Summer Transformation.

Week one of my summer transformation. In this picture guys my body weight is 224 lb at about 12% body fat. My goal over the next 9 weeks is 205 lb at about 3% body fat. I’ve started 45 min of cardio in morning on Empty Stomach… Stay tuned for more updates….IMG952140


Most people are completely unaware of just how powerful
“cleansing” your body of hidden chemicals is to:

Increase your metabolism
Balance out hormones
Get rid of cancer-causing carcinogens
Combat daytime fatigue
And a TON of other positive health changes that could
radically accelerate your fat-loss. and well-being

Nearly everyone is LOADED with
elevated levels of toxic chemicals in their body.

It’s a direct result of…

- Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in your food
- Hormones in your milk, chemicals in your water, and environment
- Pollution in the air (especially mercury)

Best way to help get rid of these POISONOS TOXINS is increase your LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLES and FOODS like

These foods contains super-high amounts of a compound
called “glutathione”. and antioxidants

Glutathione basically “handcuffs” chemicals (like heavy
metals, solvents and pesticides) to excreted molecules
to clean these dangerous poisons from your system.

Additionally, the greater your toxic load the faster your
body uses up glutathione.

The result is that your body’s cells die at a faster rate and you
age much quicker.

Many times people experience more aches, pains, and other
health problem due to the years of TOXIC build.

Multiple studies and solid research indicates these hidden
chemicals are also a catalyst to diseases like cancer and so many other diseases…

Studies also show us that these TOXINS “turn off” your body’s ability
to burn fat. as TOXINS love to store themselves in the FAT CELLS.

For example, mercury and other toxins attach themselves to ATP molecules,
therefore BLOCKING your body’s primary energy system
from operating properly, this leads to fatigue, lethargy, and feeling depressed

The solution (once again) is to periodically “detoxify” your
body in a way that supports your natural filtering systems.

Basically we need to eat clean whole organic foods and vegetables,
opt for choosing healthy organic and free range meats and eggs
choose fish that is wild caught.drink clean spring ro filtered water.
Drink Lemon Water, take in Cayenne Pepper, and have RAW Apple cider vinegar

Some of my favorite supplements for cleaning toxins are:

Betonite Clay

Good Luck

Kevin Levrone

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